What you babes say about us!

"I received the parcel today! I love the neon green shorts <3 the high waist shorts is pretty too but a little loose so I need to alter D: but overall it was really fun shopping with ya ^_^Y" 
- samantha
"Thank you so much for the wonderful and fast response and mailing out of the items." 
- sf
"Thank you for this fast and efficient service! (:" 
- amanda
"I've received the pink tiedye blazer yesterday! It's super gorgeous! Thank you!! :D" 
- jane
"I just received the top in my mail today! Really love it. Thanks so much for the prompt and efficient response! :)" 
- melissa
"Thanks for being such a sweetheart the previous time I purchased from y'all :) Really appreciate it and the clothes fit me just right :D" 
- denise
"got the dress dear. super gorgeous and fits really well! Thanks!!! :)" 
- vanessa
"Hello! I've received my top today and I love it. Thanks! Looking forward to receiving the other item and also the next collection. Thank you <3" 
- hana
"Thanks for helping me with the mail and also, leaving me a note there, I'll certainly pair that dress with the rosemary satchel :) So sweet of you :) Looking forward to shopping with monoduno again." 
- michelle
"I had received the parcel. The booties fit perfectly. I really love it. Thank you so much." 
- hazel
"Thanks for the effort to email me and the efficient service! :D" 
- cherie

"Hi babe. Thanks! I received it today. The packaging was nicely done to prevent damage. There's also a little note from you. Very personalised touch! I do like both items very much" 
- yiying

"thank you babe, have received the parcel! It's indeed a pleasure shopping with pretty & responsible owners like yall! :) Looking forward for your next collections! " 
- xinning

"Hi,I've received my parcel already and I'm in love with the Rosewood Cambridge Satchel! Keep up the good job and I hope to be shopping with monoduno again in future! <3" 
- michelle
"Omg!! I love e pants!!! So pretty when worn <3" 
- peishi
"I've received the parcel in perfectly fine condition and is very satisfied with the item. Thanks :)" 
- yingneo
"I've received my items! And I'm really satisfied with them , thanks so much ! (: " 
- alicia

"I've received my parcel today and I love it! Thank you for the excellent service as well, will definitely patronise you guys again. :D " 
- kimberly
"I've received your package! I love it!" 
- geeta
"I received all the items already. So fast!!! Love all of them! <3 Thanks a lot dear! Looking forward to your next collection!" 
- michelle
"my parcel arrived in the mail already! Really appreciate the prompt delivery :) Will definitely shop from you again! <3 Ps: The note was really sweet :D " 
- melissa
"lurve th grab bag alotttt! THANKS SO MUCH FOR IT! <3 hope to shop with you again (!) ^^v" 
- fazerah
"I've received my cardigan! So pretty! Love the cut out design! Thanks thanks, for the great service & pretty stuffs! (:" 
- janette

"thanks so much for the prompt reply n even being so detailed w/ e invoice (such as e image and stuff!) hope to shop w/ u again! ^^" 
- kristine
"Hi there,
Received my package with lotsa love! Love the bubble packaging and the little note. Thanks for putting efforts and thoughts to put a smile to my face.
The flats look lovely as shown in the photos and are comfortable to wear.
Looking forward to more fabulous items from monoduno. =))
- jolin

"Received the parcel today! :) Thank you once again for the excellent service! Will be looking forward to your future collections~ ♥" 
- kaina

"Hi! I received my shorts alr, and I must say I'm v satisfied w it! I didnt expect it to arrive so quickly, love ur good service, will definitely shop again at monoduno! Thankq ^^" 
- valerie

"thanks for ur efficient service. <3" 
- rhoda

"Received my item! Satisfied! Thanks ^^ Cheers! :)" 
- shuwen
"just wanna say I've received the item and I rly rly rly like the packaging! It gives a different feeling when I get my item :) <3 the item too! Thanks a lot :DDD looking forward to monoduno's future collections! (L)" 
- joy

"Thank you for the sweet note attached in the package! I like the top very much, looking forward to my next purchase : )
Thanks for your efficiency and wonderful customer service : )
-  jiayi

"thank you for your kind understanding and the great service :)" 
- crystal

"Thanks! And your service is great :) will recommend t my friends!" 
- brenda

"Thanks for being so efficient! Looking forward to future collections from you!" 
- cassandra

"Thanks very much! Got it already and love it (:" 
- ivy

"Just want to take time to say a big thank you for everything you've done so far! I sincerely appreciate your understanding of my current situation, and you have been a great help! Not many s'pore online blogshops will provide such outstanding customer service, and it just goes to show how you people at Monoduno go out of your way to provide the best to your customers. I'll definitely recommend your shop to my other s'pore friends, and you Monodunos sell a wonderful collection of clothes." 
- monica

"Received my parcel today! Thank you for the efficient service and the lovely note :)" 
- lynn
"I received the parcel today! I love the skirt! ;)" 
- natassha

"Omggg!!! @monoduno is SO sweet! Love y'all loads, thanks for the stuffs! (-: " 
- melia

"Received the parcel today. Love the skirt. Thank you!" 
- yuzhen

"I received the pantsuit today and it's superb! :) Thanks for all your help!" 
- andrea

"I just want to say thanks for the updates and detailed replies. This has been by far the best online shopping experience ever and I've bought from tons of websites before! The great service has got me wanting more, I'll definitely keep monoduno as one of my favourites. Thank u girls :)" 
- kelly

"Received the blouse and I love it! Love the size as I'm really petite and the material is sooo awesome!"
- ruiyi

"The people from @monoduno are extremely nice. Look what came with my stuff in the mail! Real meticulous and thoughtful."
- gwen

"Just received the parcel. Thanks alot for the awesome packaging and cute letter :) Hope to shop from you guys again :)"
- shuxuan

"Thanks so sweet of u to leave that little note (: oh n also the previous text n mail ! will continue to support !"
- samantha

"Hi babe, Loots recd. Love it lots ^^ thankiu!!!"
- peishi

"got the dress! like it a lot :D thanks!!"
- joyce

"Ive received my item and i love it a lot ! Thanks for being so efficient in mailing out my item ! and was surprised to see your lovely note ! Thumbs up for your great service . It was a pleasure for me as well in purchasing your item ! :D"
- alicia

"Shop @monoduno and enjoy great shopping services, like wht i had xperienced ! Pretty clothes tht evry girl MUST HAVE!!! :):) Thanks monoduno !"
- yuting

"i received my parcel ytd!!! :D the clutch is super nice!! thanks! will definitely look out for your collection this sunday! hope to grab something! HAHA."
- liwen

"I've got the coral drapey waterfall cardi! ((: Thank you very much! Love it as usual!"
- nadia

" Thank you! You guys are really nice, will definitely love to deal w you all again! (: " 
- cheryl

"Received your parcel! Yes the cardi is pretty (: Love it!"
- faezah

"Item received and ♥ it~!"
- shuling

"Thanks for the dress! Love it! Will shop more in the future and recommend your online boutique to my friends :)"
- suvitra

"I have received the blazer and I LOVE it!! Really love it (: Thank you VERY much!" 
- nadia
"THANKS!!! I received it already! :D The items are awesome. :D THANKS!" 
- joey

"Hi! I really love the stuffs! Your descriptions are really accurate and true! This is my best online shopping experience so far! Thanks so much monoduno! Will definitely shop again (: Do continue bringing in the unique stuff!" 
- larissa

"Hi dear, thanks for the nice packaging of my parcel and i really appreciate for taking time to hand-written a note thanking me for the purchase. (: *THUMBS UP FOR UR SERVICE* Anyway, just wanna thank you for ur prompt service. Would definitely shop with monoduno agn. (:" 
- rhoda

"i've received my items! Thank you so much! :D Will shop more from you soon. " 
- shamin

"Received my dress already. Thanks. I like it very much :) And u r very efficient. So fast I received it. :)" 
- sandy
"can't stand yr clothes! its jus too nice alrrr!!!!" 
- sara

"Just received my parcel today! Happy dealing with the friendly owner! ^^ awesome services! thank you! thumbs up! Do continue to bring in gorgeous clothes! ^^" 
- justine
"received my top today! love it! thank youuuuuu :] especially your note and the face wash thing!! :] :]" 
- joyce

"Thanks babe! Received the top today and it's just a comfy and lovely fit!" 

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